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Grand Opening after 15 yrs

Timmy Buff-it Auto Detailing and Restoration was founded in 2006 and operated entirely as a service business. We Sold a detailing service to all different people like Lawyers, Doctors, Fleets, all the normal working americans as well as Ceo and of course Auto Dealerships which kept us very busy.

Years went by, life happened. Out came the good and the bad. Expanded to a second location. Set up bays in huge car dealerships . Years passed and as I became more curious about ecommerce I downsized to a mobile detail opperation withba shop I could use when it was needed. Then it happened.

I made my first sale on craigslist. It was a Gazelle Excersising Machine being used as a clothes rack by my #1 Dad.

It felt amazing. $250 and I made it the time it would take to clean a windshield.

So to make this breif, That day I was hooked. I Had my Ebay store, Amazon Account while selling items on craigslist, offer up and running a booth at my local flea market. I was di ally convinced I was somewhat of an entrepreneur type workaholic.

Then it Happened…..